Tuesday, February 10, 2009

About YouthNoise


It's 2009. It is nine years into the millennium. So far, we've got web 2.0, a Bush legacy, and reality TV to show for it. Yet, what else represents this era to our Y generation? There’s war, global warming, collapsed economy, increasing apathy. Possibly the great disconnect between all that is true and all that is said on TV, in politics, out of our very mouths. Then again, 2009 brings information to our fingertips, communication around the globe, and awareness of the seemingly ever dividing disconnect. We are now capable of perceiving all that surrounds us by simply clicking away at our Internet search engines or skimming our iPhone. Through virtual reality, we learn about genocide in Darfur, local peace rallies, steroids in baseball, and how to bake cookies.

What we do next is our responsibility. Proceed with newly acquired knowledge into the real world and...ACT.

YouthNoise offers a wide variety of tools, web and mobile technologies, mentorship and peer support that our members use to take action on a variety of social issues. From health to education, from violence to poverty -- YouthNoise is where leaders can turn ideas into action.

YouthNoise is where young community leaders learn about issues, communicate their responses, and inspire each other to better our planet and ourselves. Feeling a bit jaded, angry, thirsty for empowerment? YouthNoise can quench a disenfranchised soul.

Come to Learn. Leave to Act.

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  1. It was great to meet you yesterday! Looking forward to hearing more about your strategy!